Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nowhere To Go

So I'm allright.  I suppose.  If you can call being Held captive by some of the most desperate people I've seen since the fall, all right.  It's my fault we're captive really.  I should've been a tad bit more cautious rather than typing away and not keeping an Eye out.  I figured we were safe.  If ya remember when last I left off writing, I mentioned some people had come up to the comp.  What I didn't have time to write down was that they were armed and had taken one of the kids hostage.  Me and the rest of the kids were ordered to throw down our weapons and well, honestly, I've seen too much death already.  I'm not about to Let another one of my kids die.  Not for anything, Plus I could see at least another dozen men around us all with guns aimed at us.  It wouldn't have been much of a fight.  So I've been captive for a few days now.  This is what I can say.

There's at least a dozen of them, maybe two.  Apparently they're used to be more, but the winter has been really harsh to them.  In fact, the harshness of the winter is why I'm in this predicament, and even have time to write at all. It's been consistently below freezing, I'd dare say even in the lower teens or upper single digits. Windchill's been bad too. Feels like it's -23 or so out their.  Apparently, they've had access to the blog (indeed, they will likely read this one to make sure I don't screw up their plan) and recognized my group as one of the ones that fled Richmond.  They've been low on food and fuel for quite some time, and quite honestly, they don't have much in the way of winter gear either.  So, upon discovering my group they came up with a plan.  They just needed to wait for our guard to be down, and then they'd ambush us and capture us, so that they could "sell" us back to Richmond.  Well, apparently their plan has panned out.   We started marching about three days ago and I could tell the group was in good spirits.  Upon a bit of questioning, found out that not only Richmond agree to their request, but even invited them to come and stay with them at the Compound.  Bastards.  

The upswing is that given their optimism, they've decided to let me back on the computer, though they will be monitoring rather heavily what I put up here so as to not give away their current position.  Not like I would.  We'd only be leaving in a day or so anyways. 

Anyways folks, don't worry about me or the kids.  We might be captives, but we're safe.  I wish the rest of you the best of luck.

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