Friday, January 7, 2011

A Pause

Posting this from the road, though we aren't moving at present. There's been a flat tire up the way in our gigantic convoy, so we've got a bit of a break at the moment. 

Fuel is going to be a problem. We are probably going to have to stop somewhere soon and try to siphon what we can from parked cars, because we're getting low on what's in our tanks and all our extra cans are empty. Other than logistical problems, our trip away from the hospital has been uneventful. No raiders out on the roads, and few enough zombies that we didn't bat an eye at driving right through the ones we did see.

We're OK on food and water. Rationing has been a part of our lives for so long that none of us even really notice the hunger pangs anymore. It helps that when we stopped last night to camp, Jess was able to take down a buck. Only took her about twenty minutes, which was surprising. And she did it with one of the bows we brought instead of wasting one of her last bullets. Lucky for us that this part of the country is a lot like Kentucky in that it's swarming with whitetail, more so since The Fall and the decimation of the majority of hunters. If it weren't for survivors thinning the numbers, I'm sure that there would be so many deer that we'd be stepping on them to get into our tents. 

None of us are happy about leaving the hospital. It was a great location with a lot of positives to it, but knowing that our prisoner found us in the first place was reason enough to leave. Add to that his escape and our spent ammunition stores, and it was just a disaster waiting to happen. Leaving was the only sane choice. 

Luckily, Gabby and the other medical folks built up a lot of good will in their time at the hospital. There are people as far as two hundred miles toward where we're going who are willing to let us camp on their land or know a safe place. One of them even has a big hoard of fuel he's willing to let us trade for, though he's far enough away that we'll have to find gas soon to have a chance at getting to him. 

Not much else to report at the moment. We're about a hundred miles away from the hospital, and if we can avoid accidents and any more flat tires, we can be there by night time tomorrow. It's a long drive, and we're out of the way of the major highways that lead to it, but in the end it will be worth the trip, I guarantee. 

For now, I have to go. Looks like snow coming in, and while we're stopped I want to check to make sure the tire chains are where they're supposed to be. If the snow gets bad, we can always camp, but I would prefer to be closer to our goal than we are right now...

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  1. Josh, I know you can't go into details about location, but is there any chance that you could let everyone know who you've heard from? And who's okay at this point? The wondering is killing me.