Sunday, January 2, 2011

Are we there yet?

This is Aaron again,

I figure I would send yet another update on my position for those that are reading. More so for Josh and Gabby and them than anyone else.  I've not been able to reach Josh or Gabby or any of that whole group since yesterday morning.  It has me pretty concerned.  But it could just simply be lack of signal given that my own signal is coming and going, or they could be under siege again, or any number of things.  I was supposed to have met up with Josh a few days ago, but unfortunately we've been held up by a few things.

We originally weren't going to leave, but I discovered rather quickly that most the food stores in the cafeteria had already spoiled or been taken by the previous group of raiders.  Also the school just wasn't that defendable.  It was already becoming a burden trying to keep everything boarded up and all the zombies out.  Unfortunately, taking the bus wasn't an option.  However, there was a couple of day care vans parked nearby.  I don't want to dwell too much on why that was the case.  It fills me with a great sadness to think about it.  I took one, and Philip took the other.  Fortunately Philip was one of those self-sufficient kids who had learned how to drive well before it was even legal before The Fall, so he seemed like a logical choice.  Especially given that I'm not even sure the other kids could even reach the pedals.

The first problem we ran across was my frequent need for rest.  My leg is still pretty badly messed up (though I've somehow managed to avoid infection thus far, though lord knows how), so it gets rather stiff and if I keep too much pressure on it, I'm liable to tear the stitches that we've managed to sew in there.  This makes driving really slow.

Second, there is the condition of the roads.  It's not great at all, and they don't exactly make all-terrain tires for day care vans, though in after-thought I probably could rig that relatively easily. Tires are tires.  Maybe I'll do that later.

Third, is the bloody weather.  It's been nice.  Really REALLY nice out.  This means that all the zombies I was hoping to avoid are out and about and hungry.  Really hungry. Ravenously.  Their ferocity is disconcerting. We've managed to avoid most of them, but hit a really nasty group of about 30 of them a few days ago.  It took some really fancy driving and some really good shooting by our group to whittle the numbers down enough that we could get away.

Right now, we're camped out at a small camp ground and I'm taking another one of my breaks.  I figure maybe another day of this and we should be able to reach Josh and them.

Or maybe not.  Just got word from one of the kids that there's some people approaching our group.

 Oh hell, I have to go, if you guys don't hear from me in the next couple of days, don't worry.  We're safe.

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