Friday, February 18, 2011

Saving the Saviors

[This is a post by Patrick]

Well, looks like my trust in Jamie and Dodger's sneakiness might have been a little unfounded. After several attempts to lead the zombies away and double back failed Jamie and Dodger were in a real bad way. Though not all their fault, both had injuries that slowed them way down, they were low on ammo, hadn't had more than three hours sleep a day for weeks, or even a full belly in almost as long. All that, and were up against three smarties. Bastards learned real quick our effective firing distance after I put two of them down. So it was up to me and the girls to save the asses of the people coming to rescue us. Sometimes irony is funny, sometimes it's sad, this was a little of both.

Our basic problem was the warm weather. I know, weird for Florida, right? What was happening was that the temp never really dropped and stayed low for any period of time so no adaptation by our zombie friends. Any time the mercury dropped below fifty our friendly brain munchers slowed down enough to safely play tag with. Hell, that's the only thing that kept me and the girls alive before we found this place, a cold snap that lasted a couple of days.

Between the weather and the smarties, Jamie and Dodger were getting a little desperate. The smarties had a group of zombies just following those two, another group trying to box them in every time they swung back to us, and the largest group keeping us right where we were.

Our solution, brute strength and massive firepower!

One of the many little treasures that we found in hidden weapons bunker was an old WWII Browning M2 .50 Cal machine gun and belts and belts of ammo for it!

It was a very surreal situation, me trying to fire that massive weapon with one hand and a hook that I had fashioned out of a wire hanger held to my stump with leather belts, my 12 year old niece feeding in belts of ammo, the 10 year old waiting with more ammo boxes near by, while the little 6 year old sweating from the heat of the gun trying to collect the casings and clips as they flew from the gun.

In the end it worked. Though of course I probably used twice the ammo necessary than if I'd had both hands, but beggars can't be choosers. We cut a swath you could have driven a semi through right up to the wall. The fellas might have been injured but they still could move, and move they did right to the fire ladder we had hanging off the wall. Alysa, Kylie and I left the .50 cal for more accurate weapons to cover their dash to the wall.

I couldn't have been prouder of the girls as they shot anything that came with in inches of them. Their accuracy was amazing in itself but the fact that they didn't shoot Jamie or Dodger was what really impressed me. Even as late as the first shot out of the old Browning, they begged me to tell them to go away. They cried as they pleaded with me, saying that we would be o.k. by ourselves, that we've done well here and didn't need any one else. They had their reasons. Once I get it straight in my own head, Aaron has been helping me with it, I'll finish telling them to you. When if finally came time to do the deed they trusted me enough to do the job I set up for them, and made my heart sing with pride.

That is the biggest reason I'm in such a good mood as I type this, well that and Dodger managed to bring me a carton of cigarettes! I know that smoking is bad for you, hell I've already caught my nieces trying to hide the smokes, but the lord above knows that I have very few vices. I don't drink, I've lost close to a hundred pounds (guess fast food really does make you fat) and I haven't watched an hour of T.V. since I left the compound. All I have left to me is smokes. Until they run out, that is. The real sad thing is I hadn't had one in over a month, but god that first drag was almost better than sex! Well I think it was, it's been so long in that department I might even be a virgin again. See? No vices. All I need now are two miracles and I'm ready for sainthood, baby.

Sorry about the tangent there. All is well here, Dodger and Jamie have full bellies and slept the last ten hours. We managed to get their wounds treated with the few medical supplies we still have here. I used up most of them. Whenever they are feeling up to it we'll work out a plan to get out of this Nazi bunker compound and up to North Jackson. Hope to see you all soon, or at least get into better cell range.

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