Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gathering Dust

I'm going to be heading down to the fallback position in a few minutes. That area down by the river has been pretty neglected since we brought all the folks living there up to the annexed part of the compound. The Richmond soldiers ignored it other than to keep our people from going there during the occupation, and we're hoping to gather supplies. I'm sure we left some stuff there when we moved everyone to the compound.

We're hoping to find s few things that we're running short on at the moment. Not anything vital, just supplies that might help increase the yield of the crops we're growing inside the compound. You know, rock dust,  fertilizer, that sort of thing. I'm pretty sure we left a bunch of it down there, and a bunch of people are working on their gardens today, so...

It's going to be nice to get out of the house for a bit. I've been holed up in my office almost every day that we've been back, and I'm looking forward to stretching my legs. I actually don't think I've even been back to the fallback point since we left it. That was the day I fell out of the truck and got chased down the side of a very steep hill by a pack of zombies. Hid inside the basement of an abandoned house for a few days. Ah, memories. 

I'm hoping this trip goes a little smoother than that. Not too many folks joining me, just Jess, Patrick, a couple of our neighbors, and Will. He gets to do the heavy lifting for Patrick, since the big guy is still having some pain in his stump when he tries to put weight on it. 

The rain has finally let up, though the color of the clouds above makes me think that we haven't seen the last of it this week. The zombies don't seem to mind the storms, so we've all armed ourselves appropriately. Even Will is allowed a heavy staff to use if he needs it, though he has to do it in chains. None of us are stupid enough to let him outside the compound without shackles on his legs, cuffs on his wrists, and a chain connecting the two. I'll be watching him to see how he behaves. I want to figure out how much he might have changed in the time I was gone. Should be interesting. 

Other than the fact that I get a change of scenery today, not a lot else going on. Gabby and the Doctors let another dozen or so folks go back to work this morning, and the rain has slowed down the planting as well as several other jobs. Those two facts together mean that it's going to be an easier day for most people than the last few before the storm were. More bodies covering shifts, yet a bit less work to do today. It's nice to hear people happy about something for a change, rather than bitching, however accurately, about how difficult life is right now. 

Hmm. If those people think that planting the food is hard, wait until they're tending plants and harvesting. Not to mention pulling weeds, killing bugs, all while still doing another full time job. I'll take the slight improvement in the mood around here and be thankful for it. Because I know it's not gonna last forever...       

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