Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Releases!

[Another out of character post, because of the awesomeness of my new releases on the kindle store!]

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Living With the Dead

Above, you see the link and brand new cover design for the first six month collection of LWtD, available on the kindle store since October. You may remember that 10% of all my royalties will go to Worldbuilders, the charity drive run by Patrick Rothfuss (whose new novel, "The Wise Man's Fear" came out today as well) for Heifer International, an awesome and completely transparent charity that helps provide sustainable food and resources at home and abroad. Basically it helps people who need food raise livestock that produce food and renewable resources, like milk, eggs, wool, etc. This ebook has been doing well, and I'm hoping that the following do the same.

Living With the Dead

The above is "The Bitter Seasons", the second six month collection of LWtD. Just like the first collection, it's available for a mere $2.99, and clocks in at an impressive 130,000 words--the length of the average fantasy novel.

Living With the Dead

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is "Year One". This brings together all of year one, "With Spring Comes The Fall" as well as "The Bitter Seasons" into a single, gigantic ebook. The best part is that it's 4.99, which saves you a dollar off the price of buying each one individually. That's not all, though! This volume has a ton of bonus material, which includes:

Three short stories by the author, Joshua Guess (that's me!)
"Rollin' in the Deep", a short story by Annetta Ribken
"If you're bitten by zombies, you're off the guest list", a short story by Rachel Ayers
"Monsters Unmasked: A Living With The Dead Novella", by Lori Whitwam
And an essay by the author (me, again) on the creation of the blog and the inspiration that keeps it going.

You'd be hard pressed to find a medium-length paperback for five bucks, and this massive beast is 258,000 words all together, which is about the size of the average Stephen King novel. It's a great deal, so if you like helping new authors, like supporting an awesome charity, and want to carry the story around with you, please check it out and buy!


  1. That's a great concept...you do some great writing work here. It's great to see that you can make something off it..It's definitely going on my book list.

    Out of curiosity, is there any concept in the works for hardcopies?

  2. I plan on putting out print editions at some point, but there are a few obstacles standing in the way. I'm working with my own resources, so it's going to be a while. That being said, I hope to manage it sometime in the next few months, if sales continue to go well...