Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Half Day, Half Blog

It's a nice morning. A little more crisp than I care for, but overall it's pretty good. The sun is shining, the sky is clear. There are less zombies at the walls than usual. Hell, I've even gotten through a big portion of my work. What's left can be handled by the trainees. I think I'm going to take a day and spend it learning something. Maybe Jess can teach me chainmail. Might go to the forge and see if Pat can make me less of a ten-thumbed jackass with a hammer-flailing fetish.

Something different, anyway. It's pretty rare since we've been back in the compound that I have free time to spend on other things. Yeah, I know we had our little party, but even that was done in a carefully scheduled period between regular shifts. I want to get out of the office and add something to my repertoire.

I don't think just having a good time when you can is the most productive thing for us to do. I mean, there's nothing wrong with blowing off some steam now and then. It's almost a physical need for us. I'm just saying that ONLY doing that in your spare time won't help the compound out in the long run. People need to spend some free time learning other skills and trades. Many people have already done so, including my trainees. I've got a pretty wide skillset to begin with, but I feel like I've fallen behind a little.

Since we managed to get so much done yesterday, I won't feel bad about not going to the farms.

I wonder what I should go work on...something new, or something old that I need to practice. It's just too good a chance to pass up...

I'll be back tomorrow.

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