Friday, April 8, 2011

Tough Call

This morning, we had to turn down offering aid to a group of survivors. We'd never heard of them before, but they are located not far from the epicenter of the zombie plague, on the Kentucky side of the river across from Cincinnati. They've kept to themselves over the last year, even though they had phones and access to the internet. They've followed this blog, and known there were options. 

Some of the things I've written about have put them off contacting us. They've had the luxury of not being attacked by marauders and having a large cache of supplies to keep them going, so they decided that coming to a place as dangerous as the compound wasn't worth the risk. I don't blame them, as we've had to do awful things to survive and protect each other. 

Now they're facing a swarm of zombies bigger than anything they've ever dealt with, including a lot of smarties, and they can't hold out. They need a large force to help them, and we just can't field it. Given the numbers of undead they're talking about, we would need to send at least fifty people to have a chance at saving them. That's weapons, transport, gas, food, water...and most important, the men and women we would send themselves. We've just gotten to a point where we're able to staff our walls and farms without making people work twelve hour shifts. We can't risk losing that many. 

It was a hard decision to make, but the council was right to do it. There were a few dissenting votes, but even those council members knew the incredible and unjustifiable risk we'd be taking if we sent so many people. 

A very small group might be sent, but that's going to be a separate vote. I don't fancy the idea of a dozen of our people going against a swarm estimated around a thousand, but those who will be going (if they get approval) will be elite scouts and fighters who've faced these kinds of numbers before. Maybe they'd be able to distract and drive off part of the swarm. I don't know. That's the sort of thing that Will and Dodger will have to figure out. I'm not sure how twelve people will be able to help, but I have faith that those two will figure out a way, if it's possible. 

I'm out. Too much frustration for me today, and the emergency meeting we had to call to vote on this means I didn't even get breakfast...

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