Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Downpour

The scout trip out to gather the mobile cellular transmitters has been put off for at least today. It started raining again yesterday evening, and it hasn't stopped yet. Since The Fall, roads haven't been getting the love they need to endure the harsher elements. None of us want to risk men or vehicles hitting a puddle that hides a hole in the road two feet deep. It might seem silly to some, but we're not in such desperate straits that we need to take an unnecessary risk.

So, another day with little to nothing getting done outdoors. We've got the larger part of the planting done, but there's still a lot of repair and upgrade work to do on the wall. This incessant rain is driving all of us a little bit crazy.

It makes for a slow day, people not being able to go out and work on things. It would be a nice break for them if they hadn't had a week of being idle before it. It's actually really good for me and my brother, since we can take this time to work out routines with our former trainees, now our subordinates. Running the compound is a big job, easily big enough for all of us and then some. For all the time we've spent teaching these folks all the pieces and parts of what the job is, our focus has been on doing all of it alone.

Now the trick is going to be working out a method of integrating each person's data with everyone else's. That's one part of my job. Basically the trainees do the grunt work of sorting through whatever reports and data are involved with their area, while I take each of their finished products and put it all together.

If it sounds annoying and complicated, that's because it is.

For now, anyway. We'll get a system in place and smooth it all out over time. Right now I expect bumps in the road. While I'm as irritated as anyone else at how far behind the rain has put us, I'm glad for the break in zombie activity it gives us. Every day we go without an attack is a chance to improve the defenses, plant crops, do something to make us better and stronger.

I don't know why the rain has started to drive them off in such numbers, but I'll take it. Any advantage we can get...

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