Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm keeping this very short because we've got a lot to do today. My request to the council at the compound has been denied. There won't be any more vehicles or resources sent this way. Their reasoning for this decision is sound, but that doesn't really mean much to those of us that are here and trying to evacuate these people.

The compound has been under light but continuous assault over the last few days. Not more than fifteen or twenty zombies at a time, but the attacks are spaced less than an hour apart. That's not too much for our people to handle, but they are hitting all sides and sections, so our people have no idea where the next one will come from. It makes for a tired group of people. The council doesn't want to risk sending out anyone since the compound will need as many able-bodied folks as possible.

The mood here is fairly bitter. My group isn't happy that not even a few people with a bus could be sent, which I think is pretty reasonable. I mean, three people to drive it down here in shifts doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to me. There's no use getting angry about it since we can't change things, and the people that live in this valley see it that way, too.

Well, to be fair they're angry as hell, but they aren't letting it consume them. They keep on working and trying to get as much done as possible before we have to leave.

Which will be soon. There have been more zombies intrepid enough to make it over the hills, though the groups have been smaller. Two or three at a time, which can easily be killed. It's making a lot of people nervous, though, so we're working on some alternate plans.

Yesterday after I got the bad news my group decided to venture out and try to locate some vehicles to get these people out with. We got to the closest town and looked hard for fuel and trucks, but no luck. That means we'll have to go out again today and look somewhere not so close. If we have to cram these people into the backs of moving trucks and hope for the best, we will. We WILL get them out of here.

Already longer than intended. I've got to go. Will is waiting for me to finish here. Wish us luck.

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