Saturday, June 11, 2011

Road Warriors

We've got the wagons circled at the moment. I mean that metaphorically. There isn't enough room on the highway to actually do that.

We're in Kentucky but only just. Apparently we must have attracted a lot of attention on our last trip through these parts, because about ten minutes after we crossed the state line from Tennessee we hit a mass of zombies large enough that we couldn't just drive through them. There must have been a thousand of them on the road, and more out in the woods.

That's enough undead to do serious damage to us if we tried to bully our way through them. Probably enough of them to tip us over or at least stop us cold. Jess and I are in the lead vehicle, so we stopped as soon as we spotted the swarm milling way down the road at the bottom of the hill we are on. All the drivers got out of their respective vehicles and we had a quick word with each other, which basically ended with Will telling everyone to calm down, that he had an idea.

So now we're waiting and watching as he slowly works his way toward the massive crowd of zombies. We're lucky that Jess has such good reaction time, since she managed to stop our truck just as we crested the hill. We haven't been spotted. The rest of the vehicles are on the other side of the hill, out of sight.

Will has a backpack full of stuff he brought with him, and he's supposed to call me when the way will be clear. Everyone is waiting for the signal, which is just our truck starting and moving forward. I don't know exactly what Will is planning on doing, though I will admit a small part of me is worried he'll just ditch us. I don't think he'd do that, but then I didn't think he was the type of guy to sell us out to the Richmond soldiers either, even if it was for out own good.

In fact--

Huh. Usually when a lone vehicle gets close to a zombie swarm, they start to form ranks around it. Will's car is still about two hundred feet away, but the crowd is already splitting like he's Moses and they're the sea.

Ah. Phone.

Well, that was a short call. We're moving now, Will is telling us to go. The conversation went like this:

Will: Get going
Me: OK. How'd you do that?
Will: Ammonia. Move it.
Me: Why aren't you unconscious?
Will: Gas mask. Fucking GO.

So now we're going. I was wondering why his voice was so muffled. He must have been pulling the mask away from his face while he talked...

I'm really curious how he's getting such a wide spray of the stuff going, but that's a question for later.

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