Friday, June 3, 2011

Rolling With Heat

Not too long a post here since our group is getting ready to head out, but I wanted to leave something on the blog so everyone knows we're OK and survived the night without incident. Maybe that's just my discomfort at being stuck in a rest stop again showing through.

I spent the night on the floor snuggled up between Jess and Becky. It got surprisingly cold in here after dark, much more so than I would have expected. The others won the draw for couches and chairs, but I was happy to zip our sleeping bags together and keep warm with my two favorite ladies. It's kind of funny how both of them are similar in that way: Jess and Becky both like to get close and tangle up with someone when they sleep. I'm the opposite in that I'm used to having my own little space to curl up in. As chilly as the rest stop got last night, I broke that habit.

Will ended up coming with us, I don't know if I mentioned that before. For his safety and with hasty escapes in mind, Will isn't being cuffed or shackled on this trip. I only speak for myself here, but I don't think it's very likely that he'd do anything to harm any of us. I don't discount the very slim possibility that he might try to escape, but I doubt it. Even if he did get past all of us or managed to sneak out without waking anyone, where would he go? All the keys to all the vehicles are kept safely in our pockets while we sleep, so that option is out. He probably wouldn't make it very far on foot if he got desperate enough to try.

Not that I think most groups of survivors would take him in. While our own people are split on the morality of Will's actions because we know him and understand his dilemma, outside of the compound the story is very different. For all the help he gave the people of North Jackson, they'd probably just capture him and send him back here if he made it all the way to Michigan. Most other groups consider him a traitor or too large a risk, which I'm told in almost every email I get from them...

Bah, kind of got of topic there. Wasted what little time I had. OK, on the road again. Wish us luck and safe roads.

Oh, and it's already over 80 degrees down here. I can't imagine how hot it's gonna be further south and later in the day.

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