Saturday, June 4, 2011


We're still not to our destination. Right now we're taking a break from travel because frankly we have no idea how to bypass the obstruction in our way.

That obstruction being the debris let behind from what I have to assume was one hell of a flood. For the last several miles as we've tried to make our way south, we've run into piles of shattered trees and other assorted rubble that block every road we can find. Becky is looking over maps to see if she can figure out a way around that doesn't cost us another day.

It looks like what we encountered in Frankfort during the weeks of hard rain last month is nothing compared to what Tennessee got. I imagine this area must be something of a convergence point for the floodwaters to the north. The huge mass of trees, limbs, cars, parts of houses, and other bits of junk seems to go on forever. It looks like the majority of the solids being swept along by the flood got stopped up somewhere and just started accumulate. Then everything dried out, and this miles-long snaking roadblock is left.

We've had enough to slow us down that we really didn't need this too. The roads are worse here than we could have imagined, and last night we all caught some sleep in the vehicles since we couldn't find a safe place to camp. If we can't make it to the group we're headed toward by tonight, we'll have to turn around and chalk it up to a loss.

Damn, I see some zombies coming out of the woods about five hundred feet away. This might get ugly.

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