Friday, June 10, 2011


Once we finish piling the bodies of the most recent wave of zombies to attack us, we're going to pack up and head out. The swarm that hit us this morning was bigger than the others, about forty in all. They came at us from the mouth of the valley this time because we had to clear away a few of the barriers in order to fit some of the vehicles we found through it. 

We're going to have a lot of people driving. We found the abandoned remains of a small trucking company tucked away in a small town behind what looks to have been a distribution center for a cannery. The cannery itself has been ravaged like a hooker with a half-price sale. 

Sorry, I've always wanted to use that line. 

The trucks we found aren't ideal--most of the ones we grabbed are box trucks. We had to get those because they run on gas. We're using gas vehicles instead of diesel ones because we also found a large container of gas that we can load up and take with us. It looks like one of those five hundred gallon plastic water drums that farmers use, semi-clear white plastic. It's got a hand pump sticking out of the top of it, and the gruesome scene we found the thing at makes me think that someone (lots of someones, judging by the body parts) had just finished filling it when they got hit by a zombie swarm. 

Aside from the box trucks, we've also got several more pickups with trailers. It's going to be a tight fit to get these people and the gigantic load of food they're bringing with them loaded up, but we'll manage. We sort of have to. 

I get the feeling that the council is still iffy on whether or not we should be doing this. I know they've given us permission (possibly because they know I'd tell them to fuck off and do it anyway if they had said no) but I can't shake the feeling that maybe they don't really think that we should be taking on new people right now, regardless of what they can bring to the table. 

I get that. Really. I know better than anyone how short our supplies will run if anything drastic happens. I know that there will be complaints from the faction within the compound that has threatened to strike over food rationing. I am painfully aware that extra mouths to feed simply wouldn't be welcomed if they weren't bringing truckloads of edibles with them. 

I'm going to stay positive about it, though. Mainly because being negative and worrying about the problems that might occur doesn't do us any good. I'm hoping that since the people from the valley have had such extensive experience farming, they can help bolster the number of folks we have at our own farms. More hands means more food planted, and we need to get as much in the ground as quick as we can. It's June already...

Not to mention that there are a fair number of decent hunters among them. I really think that we can manage a lot more productivity with these people to help. 

First, we have to get back home. The good news is that we know the way there is clear, and we kept very detailed maps of the crazy route we took to get here in the first place. If we can keep decent time on the road, I'm thinking we can make it home by sometime tomorrow. If we can manage to get out of here at a reasonable time today, that is. 

That's my cue. I'm going to go help pack up and make sure all the vehicles are topped off. And since I'm the one who's basically coordinating all this, it falls to me to make sure the most important part of this trip is seen to properly. 

I have to remind everyone to pee before we go. 

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