Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Lengths

I'm generally opposed to actions that are severely damaging to our environment. I don't like having to do things that negatively impact where we live in the long run.

That being said, this morning thirty of our people went out with explosives on a fishing trip. For now we're leaving the large ponds and small lake across the road at the old game farm alone--we don't know when we'll need those resources, close as they are. We seeded them with fish and we expanded them some, so there's a large amount of food just waiting there for us, but we're holding off until we get truly desperate.

One of the good things about the storms is that they cause the river and the large creeks around here to rise enough to flood some spillover ponds and lock fish into them. A few of our people will be hitting those areas, taking what they can get and sparing no animal. Others will be heading out in all directions to bomb large ponds at abandoned farms and other places out in the country where we know fish and other edible animals have been breeding.

It's risky since the storms have blown over, which means there will be unknown numbers of zombies out and about all over the countryside. We spent a lot of time last year trying to sow fish eggs wherever we could find bodies of water large enough to support them, but that harvest will bring the risk of attack like any other trip. We've made sure to outfit our folks with weaponry and defensive measures, of course, and they'll be as careful as anyone can. Fate, though, can be a hateful bitch, and chances are even that any or all of our people could meet her today.

I've made some inroads with my efforts to find help from outside the compound. There are some folks quite a distance away who have a good sized community right in the middle of the farm belt. They're on the great plains and almost all of them farmers of one type or another, so they've got awesome visibility and plenty of land to work. They're one of the few groups that didn't manage to respond to me at first, because they were also one of the places Courtney went to deliver food. I didn't think they'd rebound quickly enough from their need to be able to help us, but it's looking good.

I obviously can't give away their location, but I can assure you that they're quite a lot safer than most people. there are about a hundred and fifty of them, and that's a hell of a lot of people to work land. It helps that they've got a variety of different types of farming going on where they live. I'm told that they can have a pretty large shipment of food for us sometime near the end of July or early August. That's pretty awesome, actually, but the hard part is going to be transporting it. They've got no way to get the food to us.

We have trucks and fuel, of course, so the logistics aren't that hard for us to manage. It's just a matter of planning a safe route there using our knowledge of what ways are safe from our previous trips out west and getting the whole thing set up. That's at least a month away, though, and our food situation could become pretty desperate before then.

It's a ray of light, though.

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