Wednesday, July 6, 2011

*"Beautiful" Release News

This is obviously an out of character post.

I'm taking the day off from writing Living With the Dead. I've been working myself into the ground the last few weeks, writing LWtD and finishing up my newest novel, "Beautiful" which will be released on July 23rd.

Today's break will also serve as a nice dramatic pause in the story, as big things are happening in the LWtD world, bigger than you know. So for today, instead check out my author blog where I've been working on updating the release page for "Beautiful". There's a book trailer and everything!

The release page!

Thanks so much for reading, and never fear: Living With the Dead will still be here even if I get Oprah rich and all sorts of famous. Hell, it'd probably be even better in that case, since I wouldn't have to work full time and could devote a lot more time to it. I really need this day off to prepare for the release and to work on the book. You guys keep me going.



  1. Congrats on Beautiful! Love your work josh keep it up!!

  2. Congratulations. A big fan of the blog and I am sure of Beautiful, too.