Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breaking Up

One small ray of light in this whole mess between the homesteaders and the rest of us is that the soldiers from North Jackson brought their own food. Not enough to last for weeks, but at least for a few more days as we straighten up our lives and try to get our affairs in order.

After my post yesterday, shit hit the fan in a big way. The homesteaders got angry that I'd called them out so publicly, telling me that I had no right to air the compound's business like that. I told them that I didn't consider them a part of our community anymore since they'd taken it upon themselves to hoard food to the detriment of the rest of us. 

So now we're basically trying to figure out a way forward. The homesteaders are sticking together for the most part, though there are a few that have given up on the group. Most of them are going right back to their previous attitude, which is the idea that we can't do anything to them because they'll all go on strike. 

Not this time.

We've got loads of soldiers backing us that don't take kindly to men and women who let children starve themselves. We're not going to let this pass. 

I don't know what the ultimate solution to this situation is going to be, but we have to do something. We can't let anyone act so blatantly above the rules. We're here to make sure that all are safe and fed, not to let some selfish fucks do whatever they want and damn the rest of us. 

We've got half our land destroyed, our farms ruined. The crops are gone, our livestock shredded by the zombie swarms, and there isn't time to let political haggling distract us. We've got to either pull together and work as one for the community, or those unwilling to do so will have to leave. Those are the only choices. 

We're going to be dangerously short on food in a matter of days, so hunting parties are going to be working overtime. I don't see how we can manage it without the homesteaders, but the rest of us don't trust them not to hold back food they kill. It's maddening. 

For now we've got enough to do that I don't have time to bitch about it any more. 

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