Saturday, July 2, 2011


We're gearing up for an all-out assault. All the hunting teams have pulled back to the compound today, as soon as word came in from our scouts that a huge force of zombies was spotted a few miles away.

We've been afraid a large number of them would give us a shot. That's always a fear, of course, but more so since losing one of our farms. We've got every available person ready to fight, and Will is seeing to the defensive measures along with Dodger.

The estimates are wide and questionable, but there were too many zombies in the large patch of woods where they were discovered to be counted. It's hundreds at the very least, and more likely thousands.

We're tired, hot, and hungry. We're frustrated and divided as a people. This kind of threat is exactly what brings us together. Too often we forget what forged us into a community in the first place. In the humdrum days of getting other work done, in the hungry times where food is our largest concern, we lose sight. It doesn't seem possible to forget, but we do.

The good news is that we've had warning which gives us time to prepare. We've still got a scout waiting within visual distance of the woods where the zombies are massing. He'll give us a call when they get moving, and since it's a few miles away we'll still have at least half an hour before they hit us. We're not just going to sit still and take the hit, either.

We're going to hit them as hard as we can. In this the citizens of the compound are a unified force. We may have our differences, but every single one of us will stand and fight.

I've got my own preparations to make in addition to supervising some of the logistics, so I'm making this a short post. I know I usually take Sundays off, but if I live through today and the compound isn't overrun, I'll be back tomorrow for a full account.

If there are thousands of them heading this way, it will probably end up being one hell of a story.

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