Friday, July 8, 2011

Never-ending Battle

We've lost the other part of the annex, and along with it a large chunk of hope. Even if we manage to keep the zombies out of the original compound, which is where our entire population is now, we'll starve.

I should point out that the larger part of the annex is bigger than the portion we intentionally set on fire the other day. More than half of the compound as it was a week ago is overrun. The section we lost last night had a lot more open areas in it than any other part of the compound, and was farmed more. The break in the defenses came suddenly and from three sides, driving our people back with incredible speed.

We lost almost forty people in the attack. Twenty-five of them were homesteaders that somehow managed to get caught between the three swarms of zombies that broke through the walls. They were farther away than I would have expected anyone to be. A few folks said that they were trying to bring food stores over, but the homesteaders weren't anywhere close to the buildings we stored food in over there. I imagine they got caught up in the confusion of the attack and lost their bearings.

We're packed into the original compound pretty tightly. We've got enough food to last us for a little while, maybe a week, and then we start getting very hungry.

I don't want to sound callous about losing so many people, but the reality we face right now is that they simply got to whatever is waiting for us on the other side a little ahead of us. We've got a chance to survive, but it isn't very high unless we can get some help.

The last good bit of news, really, is that we're in such a small area now that we can defend the walls pretty easily. The bad part is that there aren't any trenches or other defenses between us and the annex. Just the wall. It's not a very pretty picture, but it's what we have.

Still no word from our people in Bald Knob, and I haven't gotten any good responses from our allies as far as getting some backup goes. The ones most able to do so, our friends in North Jackson, don't have the fuel needed to get a large force of people here. It just isn't feasible. I know the soldiers that joined with them in the winter would come help us, but without a way to get at least a few hundred of them here it's a moot point.

We're holding out against the undead. We're hungry and will become much more so before this is over. For now being alive is going to be enough. It has to.

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