Wednesday, July 13, 2011


No time for a long post today, but the word needs to be put out: the homesteaders are gone from the compound. Not all of them, but seventy were forced into exile by the soldiers. Seventy men and women who refused to accept responsibility for their heinous actions over the last several weeks.

The rest of them have accepted the fact that judgment will come for them, though for now that's going to have to wait. We've got a lot to accomplish in the few days that the North Jackson soldiers will still be here. We're hoping to repair the walls in the annex sections enough that we can use them to grow food. With the soldiers aiding us in the push to get the homesteaders out of here, we find ourselves with few enough people that we don't have to use the annexes for living in at present.

I hate that it's come to this point, but there wasn't much choice. We let them take weapons and supplies, but no food or vital items like medicine.

I'm off to it. All of us have to pitch in if we're to have a chance at surviving.

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