Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Decoy Act

I hate it when smart zombies (smarties) test our defenses. I've mentioned that recently. But you know, I hate it when live humans do it even more.

Our construction crew and the visiting soldiers giving us protection were working on the north end of the wall yesterday, right by the main gate. The gunshots I heard came from the south, which conveniently wasn't surrounded by a group of well-trained and heavily armed and armored soldiers.

Our sentries and guards caught a glimpse of the shooters as they fled. Apparently their entire purpose was to gauge our reaction to shots fired, then run. Again, I have to wonder if they're seriously gonna take a shot at New Haven, or if they're just playing with us in some childish revenge game because we kicked their asses to the curb.

Either way, we're on the alert.

I've been canvassing people as much as I'm able about the possibility of facing our own exiles in a fight. So far the response has been reassuring: most people are so pissed they've come back that they don't seem at all upset over maybe having to kill old friends.

If it were up to me, I'd be spending my days right now hunting down wherever they're staying. I'd love nothing more than to definitively end the threat on our terms. I won't, because we already went looking for them the other day with zero success. Plus, they'd expect that. The exiles know how we work, and it would probably be impossible to catch them off guard.

A piece of good news this morning, though: a medium-sized group of survivors from Pennsylvania are sending a convoy this way with some food and other supplies, as well as a carload of sick and injured people that need medical care. The food is coming in a refrigerated truck, so the mixture of meat and veggies will stay fresh on the trip. It's the other supplies I'm excited about, though. Food is wonderful, but our hunting goes well, and our gardens are producing better than expected. Not to mention the other caravans we're expecting soon...

The other supplies are for a project I've been pondering for a long while now, but haven't had the time or materials to follow through on. The folks from Penn. have access to what I need, which came out during my talk with them. It's going to work out well, I think. I'll give details tomorrow.

Today, I have to go out and get working on prepping the area I'll be using for my project. It's a mystery! Muahahahaha!

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