Friday, August 12, 2011

The Eyes

We're being watched. This has happened a few times before. Sometimes marauders observe us for a while before either attacking or deciding we're too strong to risk an assault. Once in a while it's just a group of survivors looking to join up with us, who want to get an idea of how we function before committing.

My first thought when I heard one of our snipers caught a glimpse from our southern tower was of our exiles. We haven't heard anything since that first email, but no one around here has forgotten. Out there someplace, they've found a stronghold full of weapons, food, clothes, and other things. They're outfitted to fight.

We didn't send anyone out to try and catch the person watching us. There's no point in risking the lives of New Haven's citizens to pursue someone that probably knows the area as well as we do. Some of the soldiers from North Jackson offered to go, but they've already done enough. The council doesn't want any of them away from the walls. If we're attacked, we'll take any help the NJ soldiers offer. Until and unless that happens, we'll sit tight.

The only real concern we have is for supply runs. The crews from NJ have been resupplied twice by buses ferried between here and there. Another one is due tomorrow, and the concern right now is that someone out there waiting might see it as too good a target to pass up. That's totally ignoring the first round of trading we're about to do, which will involve us getting a massive shipment of food and sending out barrels of homemade antibiotic ointments and other supplies in return.

Things are tense, but not overwhelming. Trade is going to be vital, and we've got to make sure everyone is safe. Steps are being taken.

It's never comfortable knowing there are strange eyes watching. Privacy aside, it makes people uncomfortable because the innocence of observation is now gone. Every time we catch people watching New Haven, it's because they're measuring us. Judging something about this place. Most of the time, they're enemies.

Maybe a larger part of why it's so unnerving is because zombies always watch. It's one of the creepier aspects of living in a world plagued by the living dead, and one we don't talk about often. It's bad enough to see the dumb ones out there beyond the wall, staring with almost no comprehension at our walls. They watch our sentries move back and forth. They stare at the guards on post. They see with hungry eyes.

Worse are the smarties. It's one thing to see a mindless, hungry zombie gazing at you with one thing in mind. That's straightforward. Easy to predict and deal with. Smarties, never know what they're planning. And they're scarily vicious. Regular zombies will kill you, sure. Smarties will kill you slowly, painfully. Keep you alive longer. I guess it improves our taste.

Okay, well that was dark, wasn't it? I'm gonna go enjoy the amazing weather outside. One good thing about an epic struggle for survival is how much more you appreciate the little things.

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