Friday, August 5, 2011

Grinding Halt

Construction has come to a stop while Dave and his crew come up with a way to ferry water here. We've been cautious about how much we've been using to mix the cement for our concrete, as it takes a lot and we don't have infinite supplies.

Fortunately, it looks like rain this morning, so that may help. I really don't have much today, just two pieces of good news. The first is that Dave thinks there are enough materials at the yard down by the river to allow us to build the entire wall with concrete. We'd resigned ourselves to simpler large stones held together with cement, but with the extra fuel and help we've gotten from our friends from NJ, we've got the resources to haul gravel and other aggregate material from the depot.

The other good news is actually really awesome: the folks out west who have been promising us a shipment of food have hooked up with a newly discovered group of people not far away from them, and will be bringing a load of edibles to us shortly.

Combined with the fear the zombie swarms seem to have for us now and the prospects we have for trade, things are looking good. Not great, but better than we could have expected a month ago.

Ah, I hear the raindrops now. Need to set up a few of the water catchers.

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