Saturday, August 27, 2011

*A Holiday Push*

[This is an out of character post]

There won't be a LWtD post today. I'll be writing the next four days, finishing up this "season" of the story, and after that I'll start off the next arc in early September. The first nine days of September may be here and there as posts go, as I'll be on vacation. Just fair warning. 

Now, to the meat of this post. 

First I want to share a link to my author page on Facebook. I'm setting a reasonable goal to have 150 likes by the end of October, though I'm hoping to beat that. I'm aiming to solidify my fan base (that's you guys!) a little more and make it easier to inform folks about my new work. 

The reason is simple: the holiday season is approaching. Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords are going to be seeing an intense sales rush, especially as the first two will almost certainly be putting out new eReaders at lower prices. Many insiders suspect a Kindle for $99 is just over the horizon, and that will be a game-changer. 

The holidays will probably be a better time for me, sales wise. I published for the first time last year a few months before Christmas, and all through December and until the end of February I saw my sales increase. The last several months have been very slow, as it is for most retail this time of year. I don't have the name recognition or sheer sales volume to keep momentum going. Not yet. 

I expect to see a sharp upswing in sales toward the end of the year, especially given I'll have a new volume of Living With the Dead for sale by mid-Sept at the latest, and the sequel to "Beautiful" published by no later than December first. 

For as long as I write LWtD, it will be offered for free on the internet. I will never put it behind a paywall of any kind, though I will always give people the option of supporting the story and my writing by purchasing the eBooks. All I ask in return is for you to take a moment and Like my author page, share a link, or just share the word any way you can. 

You, the readers of this blog, are my primary fans. You're my audience. I write for me equally as much as I do for you, but you guys are the ones that can make my career full-time. You've always been supportive and awesome, so if you have a few minutes, help spread the word. My facebook author page, my amazon page(s), this blog, my author blog. Hell, just telling a friend about it. 

Ultimately my goal is to be full-time by the end of 2012. I think it's doable, but it will take a lot of effort on my part to get my name out there and manage sales large and consistent enough to make that possible. You're the first step, my lovely readers! 

As always, my thanks simply for reading. Anything more is icing on the cake. 

Author page on Facebook
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Author page on Amazon
My author blog

And whatever else you can think of would be fine.


  1. Do you have a link to your author page ?

  2. I changed the link colors to make them more obvious. Red now, and they're in the post.