Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Letters in Exile

Today's post is, at best, ominous. I got an email from one of the exiled homesteaders. That they have access to computers with a functional internet connection is worrisome. I'm just going to post the contents here:


We wanted to send you a message since we know you're all probably worried about us. We're alive, at least most of us. We lost fifteen people on the way to where we are now, but the rest of us are safe. We're doing very well, thanks so much for asking. 
Just letting you know we're still out here. Far away from home, but the place we're living in right now works. It has lots of things. Like trucks and fuel. Supplies, like food and clothes. Medicine, even. It also has weapons. 
It just doesn't feel like home. The compound, that was home. 


I changed the names, because they used specific names to greet us and end the email. I don't want to be accused of starting shit by naming names, so I just made them general.

I'm worried about this as well as frustrated. We have guests here helping us work on the new wall, and the zombies are staying clear of the soldiers. None of us wants to take human lives if we can help it, and we're barely on the path to recovery from our last war. We don't have the resources or strength for another.

I haven't got any idea where the exiles could have ended up, though the only places I can think of as well provisioned as the one they describe is a military installation. That's assuming they're telling the truth and not just trying to rattle us.

Either way, exiles: thanks for giving us warning. The time where we become intimidated by threats is long gone. All you've done is remind us that some people will never stop being threats to others, regardless how much you try and help them out. We may not be at the top of our game at present, but we won't lay down for you or run, either.

I've got hunting duty today, so I'm out. I'll keep everyone informed if I hear more about this.

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