Saturday, August 13, 2011

Seventeen Wheels

The supplies from North Jackson got here about an hour ago. The delivery was successful, but not without incident. Since I'm about to head out with a group, I'll have to keep it short and simple.

One of the truck's tires was shot out on its way in. We don't have any doubt at this point that it's our exiles, mainly because the truck took an alternate route through a bunch of back roads and rarely-used bypasses. No one outside New Haven and North Jackson knows it, except the exiles.

Watching us is one thing, but shooting at an ally's vehicle (however ineptly) is another. We won't stand for that. So today, I go hunting with a group. If we run across game, all the better, but our main goal walks around on two legs.

The exiles should have stayed away. They better hope zombies get them before we do.

1 comment:

  1. Will they never understand that their path leads to nothing but more death and more sadness? Haven't we all seen enough of that over the last year?
    I'm so sorry that your people are dealing with such hate. I wish I were close enough to help. Not that we're not dealing with our own issues, but thankfully our only enemies have come from the outside. So far anyway.