Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm writing this as I get ready to sleep for a few hours. Steve, Rachel, and Will all stayed at camp, which is very well hidden, while Mason, Becky, and I went scouting for marauders. We moved on foot, obviously, and it took effort to remain undetected, but we've managed to learn a phenomenal amount about these people.

We discovered six different encampments in a five mile radius. We didn't capture anyone, since this trip was only intended for information gathering, and we didn't want to risk making any of the marauders suspicious. Missing people tend to do that. The ones we killed out on the highway could have been written off as a one-off encounter. If people start vanishing, I'm sure the men and women we're watching will go on high alert.

I can tell you for sure that there isn't much harm in posting blogs about it. I've yet to see one person in any of the camps use a phone or have any electronics other than short-range radios. There are no cell towers around here other than the portable we brought with us.

Mason theorizes that the lack of long-range communications here is why this particular part of the country has become a corridor for marauders to pass through as well as camp in. No one can get word out that incredibly dangerous people are nearby. It's perfect cover.

It also means a lot of them concentrate here. We counted more than a hundred between the camps we've found, and there may be many, many more. Today, after we wake up and the whole group is together, we'll work on strategies. The one good thing about being here is that the marauders are very efficient about clearing zombies out of the area. Guess they have to be, roving around and making camps with no permanent protections.

We can't spend a ton of time here, and with just six of us there may not be a lot we can do, but we have to try. Whatever options are open to us will be considered. The things these people do...we can't let them just walk away to do it again.

With enough data, time, and resources, we could kill every one of them. Unfortunately data is the only one of those things we have enough of.

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