Friday, September 9, 2011

Famous Last Words

So that whole thing where I completely counted our chickens before they hatched was a bad idea. I should know better by now than to hand the universe an opening by saying things like, 'Everything is going well, we should be there soon'. It wasn't an hour after my last post that we hit an impassible road block. Trees, and lots of them, and us without a chainsaw.

Which is dumb. We really should have thought to bring one since downed trees are such a big problem. No road crews to remove them now.

We've spent a lot of time scouting alternate routes on foot since then. We're using maps, paper and electronic, to find a safe way to our destination, but the area of southern Canada we're in is pretty rough. It looks like one hell of a storm came through here at some point, ripping up trees and even breaking roadways. It's only been a day, and we aren't in a huge rush mainly because we're also scouting the area for useful stuff. We've replenished some fuel, but aside from that there isn't much. It's mainly taking so long because we don't want to burn more gas than we have to. Hoofing it is time consuming.

Zombies are thin on the ground around here, too. We've seen several wandering about, moving very slowly and looking emaciated. I know the undead have a great capacity to store extra nutrients from the flesh they consume, but I begin to wonder at what point the organism controlling them starts to cannibalize the cells of the bodies that host them.

I imagine the handful of them we've seen were lying dormant somewhere, just waiting for some outside stimulus to wake them. We've seen the ones back home do that a lot. Hopefully these aren't just the precursors to a larger swarm about to wake up. That would be the icing on the cake, wouldn't it?

Other than that, not much to share here. The local environs have been effectively stripped of useful materials and supplies. It's farther south than I would have expected the group we're meeting with to have gone, and farther north than our friends in NJ range. Weird. Maybe there's and unknown group around here somewhere. That would be cool, I'd love to make a solid first contact with some new blood.

Wow. I just reread that. I sound optimistic to the point of suicide, don't I? Let's hope I'm only joking there.

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  1. Probable Typo:
    "bodies that hose them" SB "bodes that host them"
    I guess "hose" is accurate . . just not what you meant. Although, being in Canada, it might be an attempt at humor - you hoser!