Saturday, September 17, 2011

Long Town

We've run into another group of survivors we didn't know about. They haven't tried to kill any of us, unlike the last surprise group we encountered. They aren't doing a lot to help, but that's fine since they don't have much to trade with. They've been nice enough to let us stay at their place overnight. It's definitely the most...unique structure I've seen built by survivors so far.

They call it Long Town, and it's a community built in a grassy median between two sides of a large highway. The distance between the roads averages about fifty feet where they built their home, and it lives up to its name. It's really long. Like half a mile.

The Walls are made up of abandoned cars. The first few people that camped here did so because they noticed how hard the giant traffic jam around the place made it for zombies to cross the road. Over time, more people stopped here and gathered as a group, each new set of hands helping to strengthen the wall. Windows busted out of cars and trucks, then filled with wood which could be removed a little at a time from the interior side to be used as fuel. A clever storage system. The spaces between vehicles are jammed tight with tons of stuff, mostly pieces of other cars. There's even heavy equipment used to stack cars on top of each other when needed. They may not have a lot of extra to spare, but this place isn't lacking in ingenuity or sophistication.

The really helpful part is that the residents here have scouted and salvaged the surrounding area very extensively. We've promised not to take anything, and in return they gave us a comfy place to sleep and a map. There are about fifty people here, and the area inside the walls of cars is enough to farm in for them. Apparently there are more of them, but there are always people out scouting and bringing stuff back. They must hunt, too.

With the map, which covers several hundred miles, we'll be able to make better time. We're trying to trim where we can, so we're heading out,

Back into the great unknown. It's an adventure, all the more for the fact that any time, bullets can fly or a zombie can try to bite my face off. In stories, this kind of thing is always simpler and more magical.

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