Thursday, September 8, 2011

North Country

We're taking our first stop right now in Canada, and it's fucking COLD. I mean, the cold snap that hit us the last several days seemed to drive a stake into the heart of summer, but it never got below fifty-five in North Jackson.

Right now it's in the forties, and the wind is blowing. We're a lot farther north than you'd think, because we've made amazing time getting up here. The roads have been empty of zombies and clear of debris. Now if only this unnaturally cold wind would die out, we'd be set.

It's not all that bad for us, to be honest. Our setup is pretty secure from the elements, except that we have to go outside to use the bathroom. Since we've stopped for some breakfast, I can take a minute to tell you about our home for the next few...weeks? Months? Who knows.

It's kind of a monstrosity to look at, I'll be honest. The main vehicle is an extended cab pickup truck. Obviously, it's a flexfuel vehicle. The truck has an extended bed which has walls welded to it to protect the tanks there. We've got enough fuel to get us amazingly far. Our mechanics made some very interesting modifications to this thing. It's very efficient for a truck.

Fortunately, the place we're heading in Canada has a good stock of ethanol handy, and we're taking any gasoline we find along the way. I don't see us running completely dry any time in the near future.

The trailer we're pulling is big but not all that heavy. It's been gutted and rebuilt on the inside to let three of us sleep at one time if needed. A table folds out for us to all sit and eat together, and there's a hatch that leads directly to the bed of the truck. It's neat.

The best part is that I was able to wrangle one of the cell transmitters from the compound. No loss of signal here!

Breakfast is almost done, so I need to be too. I have to drive this next bit. Assuming no zombies and no major problems, we should be at our destination in about three hours.

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