Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I was going to share some of the observations Will and Rachel made during their captivity today, then update you on our progress with the group of survivors we're staying with. Instead I'm going to post a comment Rachel herself made on yesterday's blog:

RichLayers said...
Can I just say, for those of you who still have any doubts about Will's character or behavoir -- fuck you.

I was scared out of my mind for the last two days and I would have gone nuts if he hadn't been there.

I mean, I am generally a pretty calm, mellow person, and I have seen my share of shit go down since All This Started. And I have generally kept my cool, I think it's fair to say of myself.

But I have never been kidnapped at the point of weapons and locked up with NO IDEA what was going to happen to me. I have new levels of sympathy for the poor people who have been rescued from similar--or worse--situations, who are now at the compound.

Last night we had been there just long enough that I thought the others must have gone on without us. (sorry for doubting you guys! xxoo) Will took me by the shoulders, looked me in the eyes, and said, "Rachel, I really think they'll get us out of this. But it doesn't matter. If they're gone, or if they're waiting for the right moment, it doesn't matter. We are here, together, and that means that we will get out of this together, whatever it takes. We're not going to be stuck here, we will go on or go home."

After that I calmed down... well I was MORE calm, and we spent the night planning various strategies, which turned out to be unnecessary thanks to Mason and Becky. But I will say that Will is a strategic genius, and though he may have made mistakes, if you can't see by now that he was doing what he thought would save the most lives, then open your fucking mind. I challenge any of you to come up with something better if you were in his position, and the choice was between seeing immediate slaughter, or coming up with something else later.

Ummm... anyway, we're okay. Thanks Josh, sorry for going all ranty on you there.

She posted a second comment correcting her use of "the compound" instead of New Haven, but I think that's pretty understandable. I still think of home that way a lot of the time. I wanted to make this trip about our experiences as they related to the mission at hand, but the events we've lived through are important as well. I'll get back to that tomorrow. For now, I want all of you to read the above again. Maybe more of you will understand Will Price a little better. I hope so. He's done a lot of good, and now he's kept one of my oldest friends from possibly doing something stupid and getting herself hurt or killed. He was the voice of calm reason that helped her deal with a situation that would have tested any of us.

I want you to think about that. Think about what Will has endured at our hands, and how the decisions he made must weigh on him. As heavy as those choices are to him, is it fair that we continue to add to them, knowing he saved lives by doing the hard thing?

Ask yourself. You may not like the answer, but he deserves that much. Some men choose the easy way, others the difficult path. The best of us do what is right, and happily suffer the consequences. 

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