Friday, October 28, 2011


Thank god, the alarm yesterday wasn't an attack. Which isn't saying there weren't zombies. There were. But slow, old school ones chasing one of Jane's scouts.

The bad news the scout brought in is that the new breed is spreading faster and farther than we thought. It's good he found out, because the sneaky fuckers are using a means to travel we can actually do something about. They're stowing away with marauders. The scout, while in hiding, saw three zombies manage to either sneak up undetected to latch onto the bottom of a vehicle, or fall from a tree onto trucks.

I've suggested we spread the word for everyone to redouble their efforts to check their vehicles at every opportunity.

Jane sent out scouts to try to warn groups of marauders. Kincaid, whose group made it to New Haven safely, has been helpful with contacting them. We'll see how that works out.

There's not much else I can say today. We're on a tight schedule, and we've got to make a rendezvous to top off our fuel supplies in about two hours. The road into the unknown is bound to be full of surprises, and we want to carry all the extra fuel we can manage. It's really too bad we couldn't have just rigged up something with horses, but then the zombies would eat them in an instant and we'd be screwed.

I've never been farther west than St. Louis before. Despite the crazy mess the USA has become, I find myself excited to see areas of the country I've only read about before. I don't know how many stops we'll be making for sure, but between here and Mountain View, there are at least a dozen settlements of survivors we're to see. Whatever else happens between is in god's hands.

I'll try to do a more comprehensive post tomorrow or the day after. We've been running so hard for so long that the weariness is getting bone-deep, and it's hard for me to concentrate. Where we're going, lack of focus could be more fatal than normal.

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