Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Will is not my preferred driver. It's not that he's bad, just that he doesn't pay attention as well as he should sometimes. Take this morning, for example: we decided to take it slow yesterday, camp out someplace cozy and spend some time enjoying the scenery on the last leg up to the Google campus. Naturally, when we hit the road, Will had to slam us into a pothole roughly the size of Jupiter, which had some debris in it. Pointy metal debris.

We lost both tires on the rear driver side of the truck. Now we've got to go searching for replacements somewhere, which is going to eat up a lot of time. Not to mention the area has a zombie population, though how much of one I couldn't say. It's lucky we're driving a truck that's not uncommon, even though it's the heavy duty six-tire version.

I'm at the camp we set up next to the truck and trailer. Bill is with me, since he still can't get around very well. He's walking, though, which is a good sign. The crutches look good on him.

The others are working in one team. Rachel and Becky will provide cover for Will and Steve if they find a suitable vehicle. The girls have proven to be a very strong team, and they seem to have an almost instinctive ability to watch out for each other with little to no prompting. Will and Steve are good, but they are both pretty confident as fighters, maybe a bit too confident. I'm glad they'll be doing the heavy lifting portion of the trip. Will and Steve are more suited to it, while the girls are faster and more responsive.

Yeah. This is me trying to keep myself sane as we're hit with another delay and an avoidable one at that. It's gonna be a long day, even if the first vehicle they come to has what we need. Of course, if the team happens to run across such a thing, we might spend a bit more time stripping spare parts off it.

Hmm. There are a couple of zombies roaming around the edge of the woods a few hundred feet away. Even from here I can see they're original flavor, shuffling around clumsily and without purpose. We'll keep an eye on them, and put arrows through their heads if they get too close.

Damn, a few more just followed them out of the woods. I think we've been spotted.

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