Thursday, February 9, 2012


We're standing on the edge of a cliff, and the wrong move could push us off it.

I've got to keep this very, very short due to the war council meeting that starts in a few minutes. But a quick word needs to be said, so you at least know why we're heading in the direction of open conflict. We know the Exiles are holed up in the fallback point, licking their wounds from our assault the other day. We know this because one of the two scouts we sent up one of the cliffs to spy on them told us.

The other scout took a rifle bullet to the chest. He died before his partner could get him back to New Haven.

So, we know they have snipers. We know they're done being subtle. We've thrown the first stone in terms of outright physical confrontation, and they've responded with high-caliber rounds. This situation isn't going to resolve easily or without loss, but we're used to hard and dangerous circumstances.

Our next few steps need to be mapped carefully or we'll all pay the price. I'm making sure I'm early to the meeting in hopes that I can moderate some of the council's ideas, because given recent events I'm certain they'll be too risky. This is not the time to make errors we can avoid.

Again, sorry this is short, but I'll make it up to you by not taking any days off until some kind of resolution is enacted. It may be a fight, it may be something else entirely, but I'll keep everyone in the loop.

New Haven feels somber, like the air itself knows the risks we're going to take...

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