Thursday, February 16, 2012

Preventive Measures

I'm on my way with a small team to get a look at the oncoming zombie swarm. This post is by necessity going to be short, but given my wordiness lately I doubt many of you will complain about that.

Becky and Rachel came with us, the rest of the team being made up of scouts. They're the ones who will try to get close to the swarm and gauge its speed and size, while the ladies and I set up what will hopefully be an effective deterrent. The idea is to lay tripwires across the highway where we expect the zombies will travel, preferably at a bottleneck like a bridge. The tripwires, when struck, will pop the valves on a few tanks of ammonia we had altered for the purpose.

If we get it right, the swarm might be put off completely. If we screw it up, then at worst we've wasted several gallons of ammonia. I know I don't want to be here when those valves go--this is pure ammonia, anhydrous. It's going to expand into a gas very quickly once the pressure valves go. The pressure inside those containers is pretty dangerous. I'm not a huge fan of having them in the truck with us, to be honest.

Will has promised to contact us if the Exiles make any sudden moves. Leaving home again, even for a day trip, is not my first choice in assignments. Especially when my wife still isn't letting me sleep in our house and my home is under threat from outside forces. Er, more under threat, I guess.

Compared to much of what we've faced, this swarm doesn't seem like as much of a big deal as it could, and that's a problem. We can't allow comparative thinking to affect how seriously we take the threat of zombie attacks. Maybe it's the fact that the new breed around New Haven hasn't been attacking us in any serious way that's thrown us off. Maybe the new breed is smart enough to have planned that, to lower our defenses. I don't know.

After months on the road, dealing with threats so often that they became mundane and not even worth mentioning (almost every day we camped outside a community, we had to clear at least a few zombies out. It eventually gets sort of boring), this doesn't seem like much of an adventure. Setting this trap will certainly help a lot, potentially saving us from a major confrontation with one of the deadlier threats we face. Still sort of feels like a day at the office to me. I dunno, maybe I'm just off because Jess won't talk to me much and Patrick is a poor substitute for a loving wife.

Bah, time's up. I'll try to update later if possible, but I don't think it will be. Wish us luck.

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