Friday, February 10, 2012


So maybe I wasn't totally honest when I said the other day that we discounted many ideas on how to attack the Exiles. Misinformation is a key aspect of warfare, after all.

Now that our teams have come home, I can report on their activity. I feel pretty safe telling you this (and have approval to do so from the council, though it irks me that it's required) since the methods our people used can't be defended against. You'll understand when I explain.

The Kentucky River is long. Very long. It's impossible for our enemies to patrol even the portion of it that's in this county, much less sections that are much farther away. Two teams made up of a mix of scouts and soldiers went to a location I won't disclose and set up a rope line. That required one of our people to go across the river, but that wasn't such a problem. Jet Skis aren't that hard to find. Not a tactic I'd care to see repeated given the incredible risk involved, but it worked. Zombies were attracted to the noise, but our folks got across once the line was up pretty quickly.

Then several days of sabotage took place.

We knew that getting our folks into the fallback point itself was far too risky. Instead they moved about the area, mostly at night to remain as stealthy as possible, and generally fucked things up. Hitting the Exiles' vehicles was also out of the question, but our boys and girls did a fantastic job setting traps all around the area. Explosives, homemade traps, and some other things I'm sure the Exiles haven't found yet. We know they've run across several of our little presents, because we've had people out listening from safe spots for the explosions.

What's really strange is that they haven't tried to retaliate. I'd have thought something would have happened by now, but our watchers report that the Exiles are hunkering down and keeping close to their base. It makes me nervous.

I'll admit that yesterday's post was also a bit of misdirection, though not entirely false. I really am worried about the possibility that the council will choose to act in a way that will endanger more people than absolutely necessary. The feeling that we were on the edge of a very dangerous moment was real also. Because the teams we sent out had just finished their work, and we were worried about what the response would be from the Exiles.

As it turns out, the most unnerving response they could have given us was this one. Nothing. An enemy that reacts to your attack is a predictable one. Borderline psychotics like the marauders that make up a big chunk of the Exiles should not be capable of the kind of deliberate self-restraint we're seeing. I find it difficult to believe they're so frightened of us that they won't come out of their hidey-hole.

The question remains: what are they doing in there?

I can't conceive an answer that doesn't end in bloodshed. The trick is going to be anticipating what their response will be. It's gonna be that much harder since they've got the homesteaders with them. No one will be more useful in finding sneaky ways to attack us. The Exiles might consist of two very different groups of people, but together they're as much of a threat to us as anything I can imagine.

In short: if we don't get an edge on them and figure out what they're going to do, we're potentially fucked.

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