Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Good Company

We of New Haven are fiercely protective of our home, but we need a break from fighting. Even though I haven't been able to do any actual fighting I include myself because we're all at risk. We've got enough able bodies to defend New Haven in a pinch, but that's manning the walls with people who'd be risking popped stitches.

I'm keeping it short and sweet this morning as I've had virtually no sleep. I've done what I could to help around the clinic the last few days. There are a couple people who've taken injuries that have become infected, and many more taking up space as they're observed. Not much room at the clinic now, so I'm going home this morning. I'm still not allowed to do much in the way of heavy lifting, but I can not do that at my house. Still have to check in regularly and have my incision looked at, dressings changed and the like.

We're a community of the walking wounded. It's a sight to see. I may have played it cool with the assault the other day, but it's not pretty. People are hurt and in need of quiet time to heal. If life were like the movies, we'd get just enough of it before the climactic final battle.

But we've had to repel small zombie attacks even since the major assault. Spring brings increased zombie movement across the world, and the old school undead never really stop. They're not as dangerous as the New Breed, of course, but far more numerous. They drift across the landscape like dandelion fluff in a strong breeze, making our guards work in the process.

I'm so tired. We're tired. There's no chance of respite from life. We have to keep manning the guns and defending our home. No way around it. Even as we work with George to finalize plans to bring his people here, which will be a huge help, we struggle. Knowing that help is coming doesn't change the work we have to do in the meantime.

We're almost incapable of giving up. We'll struggle through. No matter how hard it gets.

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  1. I am curious if the Exiles are having the same issues with the Zombies as New Haven. I ask because I am unfamiliar with the terrain where you are and wonder if there is a way to have a break by "gently" pointing out to the zombies that there is a "less defensively established" community across the river.

    Since the Exiles are better equipped with modern firearms, this would seem to also help thin the numbers of the zombies you are dealing with... while reminding the Exiles they are not immune to large attacks at there location.