Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Matched Set

I only have a minute this morning. Things are in a mad rush right now. Will and Evans are trying to seal off the portion of the clinic the Louisville people are in. Another of them died last night, and it was caught quickly this time.

No one is sure exactly what's going on with these folks, but the decision has been made to limit exposure as much as possible. The reason I don't have much time to write is because I'm being moved to another part of the clinic myself since I had a lot of contact with them. It's just damage control, no worries. They aren't going to put me to death or anything. Evans just wants to make sure that if we've caught whatever bug it is, we don't share it.

Jess is still laid up, but she and I won't be together until Evans determines whether or not I'm sick. I don't feel sick, but then it might be hard to catch with my recent surgery.

Ah. They're coming to move me. Time to close the laptop. No worries for now, okay? The zombies outside the walls are manageable, the Exiles aren't making any more noise. I'll write again as soon as I can.

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