Monday, May 7, 2012

The Blitz

We were going to wait until George and his team get back to send a group to Louisville, but the situation there has deteriorated faster than anyone expected. The Louisville gang reported to us last night that the New Breed have begun sending out small clusters of zombies from the zoo. They travel in rough patterns as they move. It's much easier to see the intelligence behind the New Breed version of scout parties in a city--they're searching for food. People.

The biggest problem Louisville faces is that they've got no central location to defend. Spread out as they are in various hidden spots, they have no capacity to easily come together should any of them be discovered. Making their homes hidden and modular is great for staying safe unless a large enough swarm comes together to make movement outside impossible.

Which is what's going to happen when the New Breed scouts (I hate calling them that. I think it gives them too much credit. I think of them more as mindless feelers hoping to luck across something that sets them off) begin to find them. The only option left to the Louisville crew is to take that swarm down.

Thing is, no one has any intention of giving them a fair fight. Our folks left out this morning to form a strike team to hit the zoo. I don't know what the exact plan of attack is going to be since I wasn't involved in setting it up. There are enough people around here with practice in logistics and combat to manage that without me.

What I can say for certain is that our folks are bringing enough firepower with them to make a difference. It's not so much a question of how much, really, as what weapons they're taking. We don't have an unlimited supply of heavy weapons, and I don't consider this being a violation of our rule to use them for defense. It's not like we're gonna blow up people with them.

Besides, there aren't a lot of options. We can't muster the number of people it would take to fight so many New Breed in open combat, and even if we could it would cost hundreds of lives we can't afford to lose. In a perfect situation we'd just invite the Louisville crew to come live here, but there are a lot of them, more than we could handle by a long shot. Not that they want to leave their homes.

Ultimately we have to take care of ourselves as well. We need enough people here to man the walls and do the work that needs doing. Many of the medicinal herbs and plants Jess collects to bolster our dwindling medical supplies are ripe for a first harvest, and that can get tricky. Timing is really important for some of them, and others need to be dried properly which means we have to prepare them as quickly as possible. There are a lot of small projects like that we need people to handle. So many people.

And that's not even considering the Exiles. They've finished work on that massive wall of canvas that keeps us from seeing directly into the fallback point. It isn't perfect, of course, since our people have the height advantage by a long way, but secondary screens block most of the back end of the place. Our watchers get glimpses of activity but nothing concrete. We know they have some kind of access to this blog, that they gather information that way. That's alright, I'm not giving away state secrets.

We've got enough people here to hold New Haven against them should they decide to try anything. Our watchers act as an early warning system, so they can't make any big moves without us knowing. Not to mention the huge number of traps we've set in a wide circle around New Haven. We aren't morons. We don't trust Scar any more now than when he and his people were just faceless villains out on the road. Hell, probably less. The Exiles aren't likely to attack soon if for no other reason than they're farming their asses off. They clearly need sustainable food supplies before they do anything to break the truce.

We'll be ready when they do.

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