Thursday, May 24, 2012


Will and the council didn't outright approve my idea to set up shop in one of the abandoned nursing homes/assisted living facilities. They're going to give me an answer tonight, though I admit to some surprise they didn't give us a green light at once. Still, I'm taking the initiative and working on the meat of the problem, coming up with several options for places we can use and figuring the numbers for how we can fix them up and all the boring math that goes into manpower and resources.

Boring, but important. We might not be dealing with zombies at the moment, but that doesn't mean we're out of the woods. God, I wish. The situation has become more grim since my late post yesterday. Another half dozen people have started showing symptoms. At the rate we're going it'll be less than a month before the majority of people fall ill. If we wait much longer before making the move to a larger care facility the choice is going to be taken from us. We won't have the numbers to manage that kind of transition.

I'm not trying to minimize the danger we face from the New Breed, either. We dealt them a sharp blow the other day, but we also blew through a lot of weapons and ammo we can't easily replace. If we had managed to kill every single New Breed in the county it still wouldn't have been enough. They don't scare easily and sure as hell not permanently. The near constant stream of them coming in across the bridges over the Ohio means we'll probably never eliminate the threat.

It also means that even when we grind up nearly all of them, we've got weeks at best before facing the threat all over again.

In terms of our situation right now, that's vitally important. We're a sick community and getting more so every day. The new plague is an enemy we can't kill with a simple blow to the head or cleverly placed fire traps.

Ah, I've just been called to the principal's office. Maybe Will and the council have made an early decision. I'll try to post later today to let you know what's up.

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