Thursday, August 23, 2012


[Post by Dodger]

This isn't one of those pretty philosophical things everyone else seems to write on here. I'm in charge of security and defense. We got a problem.

Josh is sitting next to me, and he isn't getting a chance to mess with this one. If I hand it over to him he'll edit and make it all pretty. Screw that. This isn't a happy-feely post about how we should all get along. I'm not telling you how we've made mistakes. This is a warning. You can call it a threat if you like. I don't care.

To all you Exiles across the river: stay there. Don't even think about fucking moving.

To all you exiles that have been sneaking away from the fallback point, I suggest going home or elsewhere if you read this. If we catch you there are gonna be consequences.

Now that's settled. To fill you in, we got snookered by those tricky bastards. My watchmen have been making sure the people across the river haven't been making any moves. The Exiles used that to lull us into a false sense of security. We kept seeing more of them get sick and vanish over time. We never questioned why more of them didn't reappear. We made assumptions. We were wrong.

In the last day our watchers have seen the same twenty-seven Exiles over and over again. Took a while to realize some of them were changing clothes and their appearances slightly to look like different people. There were hundreds of them at one time. So where the hell are they now?

We don't have a clue, but they aren't in the fallback point. This message is for every newcomer and every community out there that has any association with us at all. Watch out for strangers. We're going through the process of asking all our new arrivals to point out anyone they don't know. It's a fucking beast of a problem. There are a lot of people in a group of five hundred that don't know others. Then we have to take the suspicious strangers and parade them through other groups to see if anyone knows them.

We're pretty sure none of the homesteaders will try to get back in New Haven. Too many of the old guard know them. They know we'll kill them on sight. They're only a small number of the Exiles.

Keep your eyes open. Keep your defenses up, and I don't just mean weapons. Remember who these people are and what they're capable of. They had a chance to change their ways. They are the enemy. Don't forget it for even a second if you like breathing through the right holes.

I take the blame for this. We watched them fade away and didn't even question it because it was good for us. We thought they were dying. Instead they were escaping. Right out into the world.

Our world.

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