Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hiding In Plain Sight

[Post by Gabrielle]

I've been working with Josh for the last several days. Between trying to help him along, which includes being a friend as much as it does supplying him with some needed pharmaceuticals, and trying to organize physicals for all the new arrivals, I've been busy. Not as busy as everyone else, but still pressed for time.

Evans is overseeing the quarantine area. Phil is doing most of the grunt work in the clinic. There are a few nurses in the group of newcomers but the two doctors joining us won't be here until the final wave. The only reason I'm writing this is because everyone else who might do it is running their asses off.

So much going on. Teams running physicals, teams out to the four corners hunting. Teams stocking up firewood. Teams dismantling train cars. All over the place, groups of people trying to meet a wide range of goals. Right now is the best time to build stores and prepare for the winter. Too many projects going at once.  The council wants to make this expansion work and they aren't holding back any effort. No reserves.

I've been writing this for about an hour. That, kids, is how fucking crazy it is here right now. I get in a few words or a sentence and then have to go do something else. Whoever kicked this anthill can kiss my ass. I haven't seen my husband in two days. I think my kids have joined a roving band of Lord of the Flies-style savage children.

I don't have to spend the time with Josh I do. I dedicate an hour to him at a time. I could beg off and make headway on the truly irritating amount of work in front of me. I don't abandon my friends. Good thing I don't, too, because this morning he pointed something important out to me.

Can't really get into details. But before I cut this post very short, I will say that we've become very lax in one area. Too comfortable. We're still watching but there are some serious possibilities we didn't take into account before the migration started.

I'm talking about the Exiles. And why we may have a war on our hands.

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