Thursday, September 27, 2012


Quick note to let you all know what's going on. It's chaos here, has been since yesterday morning. Communications just got back up. We were hit, multiple breaches in the wall. All in one section of New Haven, thank god. Buffer protected the wall from some of the damage. Casualties but numbers unknown. We've been working to fight off the undead and plug the holes in the walls. The enemy seems to be the ones who've been hitting small communities. We have captives. But we're damaged.

Will be in touch when possible. Just needed to let everyone know we're still standing. Radio blackout for the last day must have had some of you worried. Need to see to the injured. Keep us in your thoughts.


  1. You sort yourselves out. Hope you can find out some intel from captives. We stand ready to offer any assistance we can. Most of our people are military/ex military so ready to come help eridicate this threat to us all.