Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lots of Free Books, and LWtD Book Five

[This is obviously an out of character post]

Right here is a link  to my author blog, wherein I provide links for the huge giveaway I'm doing on Amazon starting Sunday morning. The first four books of LWtD as well as Year One are all going to be free from Sunday through Thursday, and book five, This New Disease, is available for purchase for a mere $3.99.

Please show your support by sharing the link to my author blog, and pick up book five. As always, my thanks just for reading, and for your continued and awesome support.


  1. TY for all the great writing so far, sometimes it feels so REAL :)

  2. Thank *you* for reading! If you think it's real, imagine how damaged my brain is from living in this world for two and a half years...