Saturday, October 6, 2012

Access Denied

The first teams left out this morning to start the laborious process of clearing away any zombies from around the schools to cover the workers who'll be erecting the makeshift wall between the three of them. It's going to be a barrier of the roughest sort, mostly made up of abandoned vehicles and whatever materials are easily available. We've got enough experience with that kind of thing that it'll serve well enough even if it isn't very pretty.

I volunteered to help with the effort. I'm good to go on the zombie-killing front. No shakes or doubts left in me. But Dodger and Will informed me together (I assume to make it harder to gravitate toward just one of them to be angry at) that I wasn't allowed to go. There are more than enough people to see to the job and my assistance isn't needed. My work is here, on the blog and putting together the longer and more detailed history for the masses.

It was sobering to be told I couldn't go. At first I thought I was being coddled again, but Will explained that there was a lot of discussion on the council about this. Apparently a lot of people have expressed interest in reading an honest history of New Haven and the larger community of our new world.

I guess what really struck me is that I'm not just being shunted into an easy job because my friends run this place and they want me safe. Keeping a history of our lives is seen as truly important and interesting, and no one comes close to my level of detailed knowledge.

It's not just the facts I'm interested in. I know those and the ones I'm fuzzy on are easy enough to look up. I want to start including posts from other people with pieces of their stories. We've suffered a lot of setbacks and reversals in our fortunes since The Fall, but New Haven and the survivor community seem to have a trajectory that trends upward on the scale of hope. We have problems and there will always be threats, but the future looks a lot brighter now than it did even three months ago.

That's why I want to tell bits and pieces of individual stories along with keeping track of our mutual experiences. Just as every person's life is a collected series of isolated events, so is our community's history composed of those separate parts that come together like a thousand notes to build a symphony.

Which I'll start doing soon, but not today. Right now I'm going back to bed. I was excited because I thought I was going to fight today. I went to bed late and woke up early. I can barely keep my eyes open. At least I have the freedom to work whatever hours I like now. It makes taking naps a lot easier and much more guilt-free.

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