Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Floodgates

Normally I wouldn't mention anything on here about when we're going to be doing delicate things. We have enemies, we aren't stupid. We know there are Exiles and others out there looking for an opening. It's not a good idea to broadcast our intentions and give times and dates. That's a good way to invite attack.

But this time, I've been given the freedom to do so in an effort to appeal to the better angels of their natures.

In the next few days we will begin the largest influx of people so far. This wave will be huge, and the first ones to come will be on a tight schedule once they get here. They've got to help prepare the way for the next group, and the ones after them. It's not going to be a situation where all of them can arrive in one big clump. Many groups of moderate size will come in over a period of days.

We don't want any trouble. Though we'll be staffed to the gills with people, we won't be sending them off to hunt down any Exiles or to assault the Hunters, which is what we're calling the secretive group destroying small communities. We just want these folks to arrive safe and well, period.

I realize how unlikely my words are to have any effect on those of you who might be planning to attack. It's a silly hope to have, I know. And the blunt truth is that I wouldn't be making this appeal if there were a chance you wouldn't see these folks coming. A thousand people are hard to hide.

So I'm left with the option of saying nothing and maybe letting you get the idea that there might be less of them than actually are travelling, and that they'll be easy marks. There really will be that many. If attacked they will fight back without mercy or restraint. In fact, the trip here started yesterday for many of them, and even a relatively small group of two hundred are terrifyingly good at protecting themselves. They encountered a zombie herd on the road, migrating to the southeast to avoid the coming frosts, that outnumbered them two-to-one at the least.

They took only minor injuries. No zombies walked away.

So if you want to attack, we can't stop your bad judgment. You might field enough people to win, even. But you won't walk away without knowing you've been in a fight. I hear several women in the first group are sharpshooters and were given orders to shoot living enemies in the genitals.

So, you know. Go nuts. Get it? I kill me.

The buzz around here is awesome. We can't wait to meet our newest citizens, and all we want is for them to get here safely. Maybe down the road we'll organize against the Exiles or the Hunters if they keep up the way they are, but it's much more likely that the near future will be full of the fun times that come with hunting for food and finding enough room for everyone to sleep. It's not like we've got infinite resources here, people. I'm tired of you assholes out there thinking New Haven can just do anything we want at any time.

Believe me, if we could muster the people and supplies to send a dedicated force out, big and well-armed enough to smash both groups to bits, I'd be the first one to cheer that on. Maybe not the first to volunteer, since I still feel averse to violence if I'm not angry, but I'd go if asked.

We can't. And adding on a thousand people isn't going to make that easier, trust me. Today for breakfast I had an egg. Singular.

So leave it be. Pick your battles elsewhere and/or later. Don't risk losing a fight or a good chunk of your people. No one wants to deal with the repercussions, right? Just chill and stay home. We're going to be drowning in new faces soon, and I'd like to see them stay whole.

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