Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Told You So

Our first batch of new arrivals made it in yesterday despite my bad feelings about it, which goes to show you that I'm not the Slayer in that I don't have dark precognitive dreams of tragedy and mayhem. Also, I don't have that weird slightly winky eye that Sarah Michelle Gellar managed to get away with by being awesome.

The first group is actually not going to be staying at the hospital. It's not that the place isn't ready yet (though it could use a bit more work) but rather because we've managed to overcome one of our space problems with some interesting and creative use of materials. I'll tackle that tomorrow.

Today I want to send out my condolences to any Exiles or Hunters who lost people yesterday. I tried to warn you that attacking the caravans would be a bad idea. I don't want to see anyone die needlessly, even if it is a result of your own stupid, greedy hearts. Or maybe vengeful hearts, whatever tickles your taco. The point is that I did my level best to nudge you away by appealing to your logic.

I bet when you moved in to attack, whoever you are, that you were caught off guard by what hit you. It's hard to see rifle barrels when they're carefully hidden between people and tucked away in every space available. They saw you coming from a distance and by the time the caravan stopped due to your attack, they already had a bead on you.

Granted, we knew that sending smaller groups might invite attack, but we figured it would be worth the risk to keep you from killing too many at one go if you did make the wrong call. To that end we asked North Jackson to send some of their military boys and girls along on the trip. Sharpshooters, all. Based on what I've been told, nearly two dozen of your people went down with bullets in their chests or heads in a couple seconds. Apparently that was pretty demoralizing, because you broke and retreated on a dime.

I guess the point I'm getting to here is that you were warned. Now you know we're serious and chances are good I've got your attention. So let's be crystal: you won't get more of the same next time. It'll be worse. We have a lot of mean little tricks to play, strategies and tactics that will make a bullet to the skull seem like a pleasant afternoon by comparison. I again ask you to sit back and think for a minute, because we didn't have to let you run away. Let that be a warning to any other groups who might be thinking our folks are easy pickings.

They aren't. You might win, as I've said before, but you won't walk away without some interesting new scars.

To allay the concerns of a few people out there, I'd like to mention that I've been laying on my own fear a little thick lately. I am genuinely worried, don't get me wrong, but some of what you've been reading here has been...well, we'll say good theater. None of us want a fight, and I still got blue when I heard we had to kill all those people.

Just not as bad as I've led you to believe.

I'm due for a half shift on the wall in about half an hour, and I need to get some breakfast. I don't relish the idea of fighting zombies much more than I do fighting people, but I'll do it if I have to. Not half-assed, either. I've been allowed some freedom to do things like this within New Haven--a concession I fought to get--and it's nice to get outside and feel useful. The fact that I'm giving some lucky guard or sentry the chance to sleep in is icing on the cake.

I expect I'll have to kill before the morning is through. The New Breed are getting friskier as the temperature drops. They're hungry and need to build up reserves to keep them from starving during the winter. Seems they need a bit more sustenance than old school zombies. It'll turn my stomach to do it, but I'll follow my orders without a second of hesitation.

Should the situation come up, I'd do the same to the people attacking the caravans, communities, and the like. Not with gusto, but efficiently. I should point out to those of you in the Exile or Hunter communities who're on the fence that the rest of my fellow citizens might not be so nice about it. I'm damaged goods that will kill you quickly and without much pain. If you were wounded on the battlefield I'd put you out of your misery.

The rest of New Haven's people, including the settlers that aren't even here yet, wouldn't. They're more angry than they are compassionate toward you. In my book, killing you swiftly is playing nice. They will play dirty. Be sure of that.

I guess after yesterday at least some of you are.

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