Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I've had three hours of sleep in the last day. I was right about the zombies taking advantage of the warm weather the other day. A lot of them gathered, way more than we'd have guessed were nearby. The damn New Breed are clever at hiding, and they aren't just hiding their own kind now. The reason we didn't see them or the throngs of old school zombies they were leading?

The fuckers camouflaged themselves. Must have been doing it for a long time now and mostly in the night or at least away from where our scouts patrol. Yesterday was warm all day, but they must have been waiting to come in the darkness. Problem was, it got super cold. By the time they rose from their hiding places, debris and leaves stuck to their bodies with blood and ichor, a hard freeze was setting in.

Hundreds of them came from all directions, unceasing. Over less than an hour more than a thousand zombies stood out of easy bow range. We couldn't know if more were coming, and the batteries powering the big spotlight rigged to the main watchtower don't last long. We had to make a choice: take the fight to the undead outside the safety of the walls and the buffer, or stay safe and risk god knew how many more showing up and overwhelming sections of New Haven.

Our walls and the buffer are strong and useful, and we have a lot of people, but New Haven is many times larger than it was. Defending every inch of the perimeter is...problematic at best. Breaches are manageable but not when the pressure is so widespread. The cold slowed them down, made them cautious, but experience told us they were also desperate. Just like living people, the New Breed need food to keep them going through the winter. Old school zombies are a food source, but my guess is it's not the same as living flesh.

Nothing risked, nothing gained...

We've been moving out in medium-sized attack groups nonstop for the last twelve hours. The cold has been horrific, forcing us to move out in groups of fifty and only for half an hour, forty minutes at a time. I've been out several times myself and the sweat and freezing air is nearly enough to kill by itself.

I need to get some food and maybe another hour of sleep, so I'm keeping this short. Because the morning is here and the light of day shows us a landscape hardly touched by our efforts. So many of them. It's still below freezing right now. That buys us some time. If this had happened a month ago there wouldn't be much chance of avoiding disaster. For now it's a frenzy of activity, sending groups out to fight and rotating them back in. Hand to hand is trimming their numbers. It might be enough.

Pray for cold weather all day. It's the best advantage we have. In a few hours we'll have a massive front of fighters ready to move. All we need is time to set up.


  1. Hey Josh,

    We're not too far away from ya'll and can be back there in about 6 hours if you think it might help. I've already sent you our capabilities and I think we might be able to help if you want it. If you think you can handle it, let me know and we'll just continue on down to the massive swarm.

  2. Almost whish you could set up a series of Rock Crushers around you base... they would be great at turning undead into fertilizer.

    Another thing to consider is a water wheel to power some of your defences While I'm not entirely sure of how far you are from the river, but if you have a water wheel ( Me being a New Englander and living around mill ponds and all) you could with both electric and or mechanical power rig a defense system that could help. Like two logs that will roll counter to eachotehr and crush what will crush what falls into them and with a space below to collect the corpse.

    And one last thing for those other survivors out there with out a wall Remember Palisades are easy enough to make what with all the telepohone poles out there.Most of the work has been done for you.