Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letters From Raven

Today's post isn't by me. It's by a survivor named Raven McQuade. Given the recent destruction in the northeast, I thought it important to share her message with anyone who may need the information within. I've left it unaltered from the original. Instead of bogging you down with more from me, let's let Raven take the stage:

I've been debating on sending this, we didn't want to give out our location due to the problems going on with the now-deceased Hunters. We didn't want anyone to get ideas that we would be an easy target. Far from it.

I guess all of this sounds sketchy. Sorry for the disjointed ramble, I haven't been sleeping. We're working around the clock here to repair lives of those that were displaced by the storm that ripped through the NorthEast. I felt that I should write for two reasons.

1. To inform everyone of the devastation.
2. To offer anyone still able to see this, that we are taking in storm victims.

Our community is unique. We have an almost unlimited amount of room. Our location is hours from New York city in the Southern Tier of Western New York. We're almost two hours out of Buffalo. Our exact location is secret and only Josh and those in charge out their way know where we are now. We have been watching this blog, but with all of the human problems they have had, we felt it prudent to keep a low profile.

We were hit by the storm, not as bad as those on the coast, though. The stories related to us from victims...horrendous. I grew up in a hurricane prone area, so when the victims began describing how the storm hit, I knew something was terribly wrong. One survivor from near New York City told of water rushing into Battery Park higher than his head. If memory serves me correctly, the last time anything similar happened was in the 1800's.

I guess we should be thankful that most of the bodies thrown about by the surge were already dead. Then again, the few people left there are most likely dead. Pulled under the water by cold, dead hands. Devoured. Our new friend had been living along the coast on a boat he'd 'liberated'. Thanks to his lifestyle, we learned of other communities along the East Coast. We have no idea how many were impacted by this storm, though we have heard from people in North Carolina and in Maine.

Everywhere else between there has been no contact. Our boating friend used a HAM radio for contact. He says that at least 15 communities between those two states have not answered his contact requests. If his estimates are correct, then this was a storm on the magnitude we have not seen. I'm frightened for those communities.

For those of you out there – we have food. We have clean water. We have room. Our community is a chain of farmers and hunters through the Allegheny Mountains. Zombies are at a minimum here, we patrol the entire countryside, we had a low population to start with. Before this tragedy, strangers were not welcome. We'd had too many run-ins with those that would kill for what we have worked so hard to gain. Now, we are ready to take in anyone from the storm damaged areas. We have people on their way to the coastal communities to look for possible survivors.

As a word of warning to those that would attack us under false pretenses:

We are not kind to those that would harm us or our kin. Everyone in our community we consider family. Our justice is swift. There are no bleeding hearts here, you threaten us and we will kill you.

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