Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shirts and Skins

I don't know why, but when Ketill first told me this story, I laughed. Just the idea of it, the sheer absurdity and brilliance of the act, made me chuckle. Most of us have had to slap some zombie goo on ourselves in an emergency. 

These guys went above and beyond, and I asked Ketill to write about it for you. Here you go:

Okay, first off introductions. My name is Ketill and as Josh pointed out a couple of posts ago I'm the leader of a small group of survivors that basically roam around the country looking to help those that have decided to settle down in one location or another. Survivors, mind you. Not Marauders. Everyone in my group is ex-military in one way or the other and together we have managed to accrue an impressive amount of firepower. I could tell you about a few of the more daring events that we've been caught up in the past, but I'll save those for another time.

What I wanted to tell you today is that since I've been in contact with New Haven's leaders (and Josh of course), we were asked to help run interference for the convoy to North Jackson. Well, we have done that in a most peculiar manner. We used camouflage to deter the Strangers.

Now, I know you're probably wondering someone along the lines of "if you used camouflage, then how did you deter them"? The answer to that would be deviously evil if we weren't using already dead things. A few of my group members were in special ops and infiltration units back when the world needed them, and devised something sinister for the Strangers. What they did was caught and killed a couple dozen zombies (a few of them New Breed) and showed the rest of us how to carefully "...strip the skin off the body" so that it could be worn. I will have a serious talk with those guys when I get the chance, as I really didn't know that about them.

Well, after getting about twenty of our people in the "zuits", short for zombie suits (disgustingly evil, I know), the rest of us (minus our scouts) hid ourselves and waited. A few minutes later, we heard the sound of engines coming and knew the Strangers (you really need a new word for them, Josh) were approaching. As soon as they saw our little zombie herd they stopped. I know Josh has recounted sightings of them just turning tail at the sight of Zombies, but I guess we found a curious scout patrol. They walked up to our zombies (because our people were just standing there doing nothing) until they were within a hundred yards or so. That's when we sprung our trap.

The "zuit" units raised their guns and leveled them at the Strangers just as the rest of us came out of hiding between them and their vehicle. There was nothing for them to do. They dropped their weapons and put their hands up. Thing is, we didn't capture them. We stripped them and their vehicle of anything useful and sent them packing, with a message. We told them that if their group valued their lives, they would leave New Haven, its populace and its allies the hell alone or we would come down there and give them a reason to question their actions. The look on the driver's face was priceless as he drove off. I bet he was thinking that if we were crazy enough to do what we did with the dead, then what would we do to the living?

Turns out they broadcast what happened to the rest of their group, because later we heard reports of a dozen vehicles turning tail and going somewhere else. Guess it pays to have a few crazies on our team.

Now to go deal with them....

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